Open Source Custom LMS

Your own tailor-made learning management system
with open source software.

Your own custom learning management system

Tailor-made, for you.


There are hundreds of learning management systems on the market. All seem to be in the same race: more functionalities. However, our customers keep repeating: "just keep the system simple but with the option to expand if I need it". Our solution: We develop your own tailor made learning management system.

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Open Source? Open Source!

We'll develop your learning management system (LMS) with the latest open source software such as Moodle, WordPress, Joomla, Laravel, CodeIgniter, ... . .

The open source license means that you are the full owner of the system, the code and all content. A great freedom!

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Fully Managed

The real power is our fully managed formula. We take care of the complete technical management of your LMS. Cloud hosting, support, security, updates, maintenance, we take care of everything.

You can fully concentrate on the learning, we take care of the rest. You do not need any technical knowledge. Our fully managed formula is also called SAAS (Software As A Service).

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the frequently asked questions and their answers.
Is your question not listed? Contact us quickly.

Which software do you use?

We've develop learning management system with Moodle, IOMAD, Laravel, WordPress, CodeIgniter, and more. We'll listen carefully to your requirements and choose a software framework.

Can I transfer from my current LMS?

This has to be investigated as it will depend on the export data of your current LMS. Don't worry, we'll talk directly with your current LMS vendor as will be all tech talk.

What are the costs?

The development costs depend on the chosen software, your requirements and a lot more. After this, an annually fee of our fully managed service applies.

Is open source secure?

We take security very serious. Our servers are located in the Netherlands and are monitored 24/7. SSL certificates, daily backups, multiple firewalls en 2 factor authentication are some of the security measures we uphold.

Can I host my LMS on my own server?

Yes this is possible.

Can I see a demo?

Sure! We've setup a cool demo so please contact us and we would love to give you a personal tour.

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Looking for your own LMS?

Awesome! let's talk!

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